With the progress and development of society, people’s lifestyles have undergone profound changes, and urban traffic congestion is one of the phenomena. The traffic congestion and even chaos caused by the increase of transportation in the city has brought great inconvenience to people’s lives. The RFID intelligent parking lot is highly efficient and intelligently managed.
Compared with the traditional parking lot, the traditional parking lot management system focuses on the billing and charging management functions. The focus is on the time of entry and exit of each vehicle to facilitate charging, while the safety and operational efficiency of the parking lot and Less consideration is given to the customer’s human requirements. The intelligent parking lot management system realizes automatic vehicle identification and information management, improves vehicle traffic efficiency and safety, and counts vehicle access data, facilitating management personnel to dispatch, so as to reduce the labor intensity of managers, thereby improving work efficiency. The parking lot management system not only retains all the functions of the traditional parking lot management system, but also relies on the original charging medium to improve the management medium. When the vehicle enters the parking lot, the system automatically takes in the image of the vehicle and obtains the vehicle model information, the vehicle license plate information, and the vehicle color information after processing by the computer, and stores the information together with the unique correspondence of the user card into the database. When the vehicle leaves the parking lot, the relevant indicators such as the user card, license plate number or vehicle image are matched before being released.
The parking lot radio frequency identification system has the advantages that other identification systems can’t match, and the anti-fouling and anti-wear performance of the data carrier in the radio frequency identification system is good, which is beneficial to improve the reuse rate of the carrier, increase its service life and reduce The cost of use, so the intelligent parking lot management system we use RFID system. The operation process of the parking lot management system is based on the process of the customer parking and picking up the car. The workflow of the parking lot is always centered on the flow of the user’s vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot. Parking users are generally divided into two categories: temporary users and fixed users. When the vehicle enters/exits the parking area of ​​the parking lot antenna, the antenna exchanges data with the vehicle radio frequency card in a microwave communication manner, reads the relevant information of the vehicle from the radio frequency card, automatically identifies the radio frequency card and determines whether the vehicle card is valid or not. Legitimacy, the lane control computer displays the license plate number and driver information such as the one-to-one correspondence with the RF card; the lane control computer automatically stores the relevant information of time, vehicle and driver into the database, and the lane control computer is based on unique The data is judged to make a decision to release or prohibit.
(1) Temporary users: Temporary users refer to users who temporarily use parking lots to park. The parking behavior of such users is generally temporary, random, and low-frequency. The potential number of temporary users is huge and the identity is uncertain.
(2) Fixed users: Fixed users refer to users who use parking lot for long-term fixed parking. The parking behavior of such users generally has the characteristics of long-term, regularity and high frequency of use. The fixed users are generally the staff of the units near the parking lot or the households in the living area, and the number is determined within a certain period of time. For the parking lot users, the actual situation is divided into temporary users and fixed users. The system exit/entry process is also divided into two situations: temporary users and fixed users.
Parking management is aimed at the management needs of building safe and civilized communities, enterprises and institutions. With the goal of intelligent management of parking lots in parking lots, the focus is on the purchase of fixed-card parking users within the scope, so as to achieve convenient access for parking users. Fast, safe, scientific and efficient management, and the service of quality and civilization. It will play an important role in improving the company’s management level and comprehensive service level.
The intelligent parking lot is a high-tech product that meets the needs of this era. This can not only effectively solve the traffic chaos caused by chaos, but also promote the regularization of traffic facilities, while also reducing the loss of owners. Worries about theft of the car. In addition, in terms of technology, its high technology is matched with other existing intelligent systems, and it has good openness, and is easy to be combined with other intelligent systems into a more powerful integrated system, which is in line with advanced management of various integrated modes.