At present, most hospitals in obstetrics and gynecology generally use the logo ring for mothers and babies when they are born, until they are discharged from the hospital to identify the mother and the baby. This symbol ring is a pure physical medium and can be easily exchanged. The existing management system of the hospital will not allow the families of the visiting infants to enter and limit the number of people, and control the idle personnel to enter and exit. Even so, it is difficult to do so in actual management because family members are eager to visit mothers and children. How to solve the problem of stolen baby and prevent mistakes is a technical problem that the maternity hospital urgently needs to solve.
Therefore, according to the actual situation of the hospital and management needs, the hospital mother-infant RFID wristband management system designed with advanced IoT technology is based on the principle of openness, supporting both centralized management and humanized services. The solution for future development needs. It will play a major role in maternal and child identification management, infant anti-theft management, and channel authority management in obstetrics and gynaecology or women and children hospitals in large general hospitals.

Hospital maternal and child RFID wristband management system features:
1, wristband management
Provide baby wristbands, mother or family wristbands, caregiver labeling, binding and maintenance functions, and create exclusive files for newborn and mother electronic tags. You can also view historical wristband records, which use non-repeatable unique numbers to avoid mistakes. In order to facilitate the naked eye identification, the basic information of the baby can be attached to the wristband: parent name, date of birth, gender, nurse name, etc.

2, real-time monitoring
2.1, maternal and child interaction: When the mother wears the button with the button, the mother can actively request to check the baby status by pressing the special label button, the ward display will automatically display the baby’s monitoring screen, showing the baby’s current position and nursing status information. .
2.2, anti-theft alarm: in the ward area, ward entrance, important external channels are equipped with signal detectors, real-time control of the baby’s location, if the baby does not pass the permission, leave the ward or ward, then immediately start the alarm, and according to The alarm level can appear at the nursing workstation and the security monitoring center at the same time, and an alarm sound is sent to the mother wristband.
2.3, anti-error: When the baby and other unbound mothers or nursing staff appear in the same area, the system will analyze according to the pre-set anti-error logic, issue an early warning prompt, the system will automatically analyze whether it is wrong, care Personnel can also confirm the comparison through the mobile terminal.
2.4. Label tampering: The label worn by the baby has a tamper-proof function. If the label is intentionally removed, the label will immediately notify the monitoring center and issue an audible alarm.
2.5. Video linkage: The system monitoring platform can be linked with the video network of the hospital. When an alarm occurs, the camera in the alarm area is immediately switched to view the video image of the alarm area.

3, baby care management
3.1, check-in and check-out: When the baby needs to leave the ward due to factors such as bathing, emergency care, etc., it is necessary to check out by hand-held terminal or on the PC console, and permission to leave, otherwise the alarm prompts when returning to the ward time. Check in automatically.
3.2. Infant record: The system matches the handheld mobile care workstation for the nursing staff. The nursing staff can scan the mother and baby wristbands through the mobile workstation during the nursing process, and perform the nursing operation. The system will record all the bedside care services. Identify the caregiver’s label and automatically record the caregiver’s patrol record.

4, comprehensive inquiry
The comprehensive inquiry can provide detailed information on the mother and baby based on the wristband, mother’s name, bed number, and baby’s date of birth, as well as historical query functions such as alarm events, personalized services, and nursing records.

5. Baby care environment monitoring
5.1. Temperature and humidity monitoring in the baby-friendly area: By installing the temperature and humidity sensor, the temperature and humidity data of the ward and the baby-friendly area can be collected and displayed on the monitoring platform in real time to provide a more comfortable care environment. Temperature and humidity data provide more reasonable care for nursing staff.
5.2. Bath water temperature monitoring: At present, the bathing pool and swimming pool water temperature are determined by the nursing staff’s own feelings. Different nursing personnel have different experience values. In order to ensure that the water temperature is within a reasonable range, the system provides a water temperature tester, which is displayed after the collection. On the monitoring platform, the nursing staff is provided with nursing basis. When the water temperature is too high or too low, the system automatically generates an alarm prompt.

6, personalized service
For mothers and their families, baby wristbands have a certain commemorative value. At the same time, baby’s photos, hand types and other baby characteristics can be printed on the wristband through technical means. By constructing the system, infants can be provided with more More personalized service.