iibutton and rfid card copier

Operating instructions:
The programmer is a universal device for copying and electronic keys of the LF RFID 125 khz standard and the ibutton 1-wire Touch memory standard,allowing such procedures.If the device does not support any type of keys from these standards-you can send us an email with detailed description of the read/write protocols and we will add support for such keys to this device.Within the above standards,the programmer supports the creation of duplicate electronic keys of the follow types:
Original ID Key for copy:
1.DS1990,TM1990,RW1990(TM-08V2),RW1990.2,TM2004,KC-3&such other
2.Keyfob/ID cards 125khz:EM-Marin,Vizit,Eltis,Cyfral,Metakom
Blank ID Key for recording:

The device is powered from any standard USB Port or via USB/220 V adapter, or from 2*cr2020 batteries.(suitable CR1620,but the battery life with such a battery is half as long)
As part of the set:
Programmer (device),USB adapter,instruction manual,packaging

Preparing device for operation:
Connect the usb power directly or through the adapter,or install two batteries
the read led will light up and a short beep will sound,indicating that the device is ready to read the original key code

Reading the key code(ID):
attached the original key to the device reader,a short beep should sound. remove the key.
the continuously lit write indicator means that the code has beed read,and now the device is waiting for the blank key to write the code of the original key to it.
(the device will wait for the key to be written for 15 seconds,then a long beep will sound and the device will switch back to read mode.)

Write code on the blank key:
after reading the key,with the write indicator turned on ,attach the re-writable key blank to the reader of the device and hold until the beep sounds and the write indicator turns off. the key is copied and written.
(a triple low tone beep means that a recording error has occurred and you can try recording again)

Warranty obligation:
Product warranty:one year from the date of sale.
in case of mechanicak or other damages caused by improper transportation,storage or operation,as well as in case of detection of traces of unqualified repair,quality claims are no accepted and warranty repair of the product is not made

Totally 90 Cartons RFID & Ibutton Product

1.30 Cartons RW1990 Touch Memory Ibutton Card

100 pieces/box,5000 pieces/carton,totally 15 000 pieces RW1990 Ibutton Card

2.60 Cartons T5577 RFID ABS Keyfob

100 pieces/poly bag,2500 pieces/carton,totally 15 000 pieces T5577 RFID ABS Keyfob

The TM1990A-F5 electronic iButton key with unique 64-bit code is a full quality analog of Dallas/Maxim DS1990A-F5 iButtons. Designed for access control systems each key has a unique family code that is recorded while the key is being produced and the code cannot be overwritten.

While manufacturing such devices in the factory, the number is directly assigned directly to the production line. Each TM1990A-F5 is assigned a unique identification code consisting of numbers and letters. The approximate number of combinations – 4 billion. Therefore the chance to guess the key from the entrance is practically zero. The key contains a number. It can not be charged or magnetized. But it can be stored in the memory controller, which controls the door to the entrance or office.

When you touch the ibutton reader with a TM1990A-F5 key, it reads this code and passes it to the controller, which checks with the internal memory for its presence in the database. If the identifier with the code is found, the access rights are checked (in some systems there may be time constraints) and give the actuators (locks, latches, latches or relays) the command to open/close.

The main advantages of TM1990A-F5: Electronic keys provide 100% uniqueness. The use of such tablets can significantly reduce the cost of programming a large number of keys for staff. TM1990A-F5 is for use as a workpiece for copying is not intended. (To copy the DS1990A and TM1990A keys, use our RW1990 copy iButtons).