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RFID: the little miracle behind contactless shopping

If consumers can get what they need from the convenience store and leave without contacting the cashier, how cool is that? Since 2015, Amazon has been trying this idea. It is now ready to open a retail store in Seattle, promising to provide convenient online shopping in the real world. For a technology that most […]

Hero of unmanned supermarket-“RFID”

Unmanned supermarkets, the hot word of catching up with shared bicycles, has become a bright spot in front of everyone. Alibaba’s trader Jack Ma put forward the concept of new retail, believing that retail stores in the form of supermarkets and convenience stores can achieve “unmanned sales” without the help of cashiers. At this time, […]

What are The Classification of RFID Readers and Their Advantages?

RFID reader is an indispensable part of the application system. The correct selection of the RFID reader will be related to whether the customer project can be successfully implemented and the cost of implementation. It is best to pass a rigorous process to ensure the project success. RFID readers can be divided into 125K, 13.56M, […]

Why do Everyone Use RFID Anti-Metal Tags?

In recent years, in China, the Internet of Things technology as a strategic new industry has been elevated to the top of national development, and the Internet of Things technology industry chain continues to develop. The definition and development strategy of countries all over the world continue to make it clear that the cross-border marketing […]

Analysis of UHF RFID Access Control Management System

As a new modern security management system, the access control system integrates automatic identification technology and computer control information management measures, and involves many technologies such as electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communication technology, and biotechnology. With the development of automatic identification technology, UHF RFID access control management system has become the main component of […]

Use Disposable Medical Masks to Prevent Viruses

If you need disposable medical mask or surgical mask,pls contact : sales-sz@ylmtech.com WE HAVE OWN MASK FACTORY IN CHINA!!! Exterior The appearance of the mask should be neat and in good shape, and there should be no damage or stain on the surface. Structure and size After wearing the mask, it should cover the mouth, […]

How to read and write Gen 2 RFID tag data

Some Gen 2 RFID tags contain a 96-bit EPC capacity, which can just fit an electronic product code as the unique identifier of the product, and other information must be placed in an external database associated with the EPC. Other tags are 96-bit, 128-bit and 256-bit, so the data can be stored directly in the […]

What does it mean for batteryless IoT devices?

With the popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT), more and more wireless connected devices have entered the market. Although the power cord is no longer needed, the battery life is still a great challenge for a large number of smart devices on the market today. According to relevant market research data, it is estimated […]

Which IoT scenarios need to choose low temperature RFID tags?

Because ordinary RFID tags are prone to problems such as falling off or failure of RFID tags in low temperature scenarios. Therefore, RFID management in many low temperature scenarios requires low temperature resistant RFID tags. Let’s understand together! Food and Drug Cold Chain Management Cold chain RFID warehouse management system can realize the standardization and […]

RFID Lays the Foundation for Logistics Management Informatization

With the increasing number of materials in warehouse management, the requirements for inbound and outbound storage management have become stricter. The asset tray RFID management system uses RFID electronic tags for information binding, to achieve the positioning, search, inventory and access management of asset trays, and quickly improve the management efficiency. Realize comprehensive and real-time […]