rfid custom logo card

Whatever application– as membership cards, identity cards, chip cards, admission cards, or as customer cards – we code and personalize your card tailored to your needs. Depending on the application, we can produce your cards with either high-quality offset printing or silkscreen printing – making sure you always get the best out of your cards.

With the right design and finishing, you make your card a real eye-catcher, which won’t be quickly forgotten by customers and employees. For example, you may create beautiful designs using different varnishes and structures, or personalize your cards with a name and photo. Spot Varnish is the best choice for highlighting individual, selected areas. All of our cards are available for the most common chip types on the fitness market: LF (EM, Hitag) and HF (MIFARE®, DESFire®), as well as with contact chips (e.g. MILON, Galileo).